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Elleian's Fanfiction

Causes tooth decay!

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About Me
Hi! My name is Elle, I live in London and I love writing H/D fanfiction! This journal is primarily used for posting my fics and although I may occasionally post other messages on it, I am probably going to keep my RL out of this journal.

As you can probably tell if you read through my entries, Harry/Draco = my OTP. Twincest squicks me out but other than that I can generally handle most pairings, despite the fact that I rarely deviate from H/D! I love reading fic and seeing all of the beautiful artwork that is about and although I can be a bit of a lurker I try to make sure that I comment often.

If you want to friend me so that you can see my updates on your friends list then please feel free, but do not be offended if I do not friend you back. I will probably only add you back if you comment regularly on my fic or I find you interesting (e.g. I read your fic). I do not friends-lock any of my entries, however, so you will not miss anything if you do not friend me!

Read my fanfiction
Please take note of any warnings and disclaimers that I place before any work. If something is labelled NC-17 then you should not read it unless you are over 17. I take no responsibility if you are underage and read something of mine as I always make sure to give adequate warning before the actual piece. That said, I love receiving any comments you may have on my work and I endeavour to give a reply to every comment that I receive. If you would like a copy of any of my stories in .pdf format so that you may read them from your hard disk, drop me an email at elleianfanfic[at]gmail[dot]com and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

My author page at The Hex Files

My fics on livejournal:
A Labour of Love
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy
Breaking Out

Prompt Responses
hd_fluff prompt responses
12_fics prompt responses
slashfic40 prompt responses
awdt prompt responses
The Hex Files prompt responses

One Shots
All of my one shots

Master List
I maintain the Massive Memoried List of General Fic Searches. This is a fully comprehensive list of every general fic search ever made in the harrydraco community. Click the graphic below or the link here to view the list. For more information about the list check out this post.

Other Links
These are places mainly relating to the Harry Potter fandom that I find of interest or a useful resource. None of these places are run by me and you should be aware that there may be NC-17 material displayed at some of these places.

Good places to read fic:
Harry/Draco Community - A great community if you are want to post or read H/D fics.
Harry/Draco Fluff Community - An angst-free zone for H/D lovers that also offers bi-weekly prompts.
Harry/Draco Shag A Day Community - A bunch of authors writing H/D smut, with one fic being posted per day.

Challenges or prompts:
The Amazing Weekly Drabble Thingy - Weekly prompts which are open to all fandoms and original fic writers.
Queerditch Marsh Pub - Prompts issued every Sunday at two different sessions.

Useful resources:
The Harry Potter Lexicon - If you need to look up anything from canon (people, spells, places, etc) then this is the place to go.
Perfect Imagination: The Harry Potter Beta Reader Directory - Guaranteed good betas for HP stories only.

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